About brand


Established in 2022, the idea of Reverce embarked upon in 2020 during the initial pandemic days. Raksha, founder and creative director at Reverce started her journey as a Product and UX designer who then ventured into high fashion and premium fabrics. Gleaning inspiration from basic elements around her, such as Mandala designs on curtains at a restaurant, coasters at her favourite coffee shop and Kashmiri shawls from the North, she started her entrepreneurial journey by mere sketches and doodles in her signature Soho notebook that she carried everywhere. In an effort to reach the quality of fabrics that she envisioned for Reverce, she travelled to the south of the country to source high quality cotton yarn which was knitted and then dyed in custom colors which she handpicked, post which the fabric was added with sustainable emebellishments to make the garment come together.


The aim and foundation of design at Reverce was always to create clothes such that they re-define what comfort means to people, yet add tonalities of sophistication and adventure to the western silhouette. Our aim also branched into normalising comfort wear at any and every occasion - a morning walk to get coffee or a soirée thrown by friends on a Sunday evening! Reverce fits were made to match any occassion, time or venue since we've fused Suave with neutrality | Street fashion with ethnic designs and shapes | Comfort with occassion-wear.


Keeping the best interests of our planet in mind, we've incorporated the use of recycled corrugated boxes, 100% organic cotton re-usable drawstring pouches, as our main components of packaging. This is our first step towards responsible and ethical design.

Behind The Scenes